Protecting your home should be a top priority so your property is safe from intruders. With the right security measures in place, you can prevent your home from becoming a target and reduce the risk of theft. When you’re ready to improve your home security for added peace of mind, there are a few important steps to take to prevent a break-in at home.

1. Install a Home Security System to Prevent a Break-in at Home

Home security systems with surveillance cameras are increasingly popular because they allow homeowners to monitor the property 24/7. You can keep a close eye on the house at any time of the day or night whether you’re in your home, away at the office, or on vacation. Surveillance cameras begin recording when motion is detected so suspicious activity can be reported. You can view the surveillance footage from your smartphone or tablet for added convenience to prevent a break-in at home.

2. Use Home Automation

Take advantage of home automation products to make your house appear occupied when you’re away. Automated lights can be set on timers to illuminate the building and are affordable and easy to install. Many of the features can be controlled with the use of a smartphone so you can adjust the settings while you’re away. You can also install automated locks to prevent a break-in. These will allow you to let your neighbor in if you’re away before locking the doors again.

3. Install Motion Sensor Lights

Install motion sensor lights on the perimeter of the house to deter intruders who may be walking around the property at night. Motion sensor lights can be added to dim areas on the property to prevent burglars from scoping out the home as they attempt a break-in while hiding in the shadows. Most intruders will think someone turned the light on as they walk past the light, which often makes them flee.

4. Maintain Your Landscaping

Your landscaping may provide cover for burglars to hide in the bushes as they attempt to get into the building. Make it a point to maintain your landscaping by trimming the bushes that are located near the windows of the home.

5. Use Window Locks

Windows are the most common area of the home for intruders to break into the building, so make an extra effort to secure them when you’re not at home. Windows are also known to be the weakest and easiest way to access a building. Window locks are affordable and easy to install.

You can also add window treatments so that your valuables are not visible from the outside Use blackout curtains and veer away from installing sheer window treatments to prevent intruders from scoping out what they plan to steal.

Installing the right tools and products on your property helps your house stay secure. By knowing the right steps to take, you can prevent break-ins at home and increase your level of safety.

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